High Five For Friday!

Its been an exhausting, stressful and busy week, but thanks to my friend Lynch, I am linking up with another Lauren for High Five For Fridays and celebrating the little things that have made this week great.

Here are 5 little goods from this week:

Shout out from friends and family
It’s been a busy blogging week with a guest blog on {grow} and on Ms. Career Girl, and it’s been great to get the support and promotion from my friends and family!

I treated myself and got Starbucks every day this week. It gets me through my lack of sleep and my new business class!

My improv class this week was a total light mid stress of the week. I was so happy to perform and learn in such a supportive atmosphere.

Robicelli’s cupcakes
We had them for our crazy lunch event on Tuesday and I have yet to get the amazingness of them out of my mind!! (Creme Brulee, Green Tea Mandarin, and Dark Chocolate Dulce to be exact!)

My Friday morning event
My little conference this morning was so handsome.

Happy Friday everyone!!


4 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. Hi Lauren!! I absolutely LOVE your blog — it is such fun to read about all the things you are doing!! you are in exactly the right place — in the right position– and you are doing exactly what you should be doing!! Congratulations! Lots of people search their whole lives to just do what they love for a little while— you are managing to do it at a very young age—- and you are doing it VERY WELL!! love you! Miss Vicki

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