Happy Anniversary New York

So this weekend marks my 6 month anniversary with New York. I seriously can’t believe it’s been 6 months! What a relationship it has been…

It’s kind of been a whirlwind relationship between New York and me. We moved really fast and the whole relationship kind of shocked me initially. Not that I wasn’t ready for the relationship, but we went from not knowing each other to living together in less than a month. Fast.

It took some adjusting in the beginning because New York is unlike anyone I’ve ever met before. There is a different way of life and different pace with New York. But New York and I have finally gotten into a routine and settled down.

Of course we’ve had our quarrels, there are just some parts of New York that tick me off, (New York has a bit of an ego and is terrible with money) but I’m learning to accept the flaws. We’ve also had some amazing moments. More amazing moments than quarrels- that’s why we are still in it.

New York has definitely helped me grow as a person as well. New York has encouraged me to push my limits, reach out to new friends, find success in my job, and be a grown-up. I very much appreciate it.

I feel like I’ve had some pressure from my friends to say the L-word. They seem to be able to say it a lot more quickly than I can. But I’m just taking my time. I want to really find my stride and know everything about New York. I don’t want any secrets between us. But I can definitely say I’m “in like” with New York.

At the pace we are going, the L word might come up soon. But I really hope New York says it to me first.

Happy anniversary New York! To another great 6 months! I like you baby.


10 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary New York

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