I’m a Carrie now!

Carrie- leading lady, journalist, and so damn ridiculous.

In regards to Sex in the City characters, I’ve always considered myself more of a Charlotte (more traditional, less stilettos), but now I’m officially a Carrie Bradshaw.

I’m single, I’m living in New York, and now I’m the new relationship columnist for Ms. Career Girl! Ms. Career Girl is an awesome resource for ladies like myself and I am so happy to join the team! (Check out some of their articles and web chats!)

Relationships you say? Yep. Relationship columnists. Stop laughing. Seriously. I can hear you.

If you read my first post for Ms. Career Girl, you might have noticed that I’m not taking the assumed route for these posts. I’ll be writing about all types of relationships and adding my own humorous flair to spice it up. And I won’t be giving advice. I’ll be starting conversations (the benefit of a blog!) Please refer to Vogue, InStyle, Glamour, People, Seventeen, and any other female oriented magazine for all of the ridiculously repetitive relationship topics.

Don’t worry- I won’t be posting them all on here, (I know the target audience might be a bit different between the two), but I  thought I’d share the joy!

And seriously… if you have any good ideas for posts… let me know! I sure need them!


6 thoughts on “I’m a Carrie now!

  1. Congrats on your new gig, Lauren. With all you’ve got going on, not sure when you sleep. BUT- keep the entertainment coming! ~Blessings

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