A Waldorf Winter Luncheon Review

Yesterday was one of our biggest events of the year! We hosted the Winter Luncheon at the Waldorf=Astoria to honor to fantastic alumni. It is such a beautiful space and was so cool to host it in such a historic building! The difference between my sanity for this event and our last big event was amazing! It is great to see what a few more months of experience can do.

For this event I wasn’t as involved with the prep work, besides booking the vendors and putting my input on the florals (GORGEOUS), but the onsite work was crazy busy and I loved it. I totally thrive onsite. Having to re-plate all the cocktail hour sushi because they included sesame seeds, catching the VIPs when they appeared out of the back entrance, 5 changes to the head table in 20 minutes- Love it.

Enjoy some of the photos from the day’s super successful event!

The gorgeous flowers! I loved the color combination and the linens.

My favorite part of the day was having a walkie talkie! Brought me back to the good old days! Love getting to use radio protocol. And it makes everyone much more accessible when cell phone service isn’t available in that old thick building.

The super cool awards onstage with those great linens!

Our registration tables. They look much more dramatic than they actually were with the weird iPhone lighting. Got to love the checkered floor!

My favorite part of the registration tables, the new additional of the small pencil boxes (lame I know). I was so sick of pens, markers, and highlighters rolling around the bottom of our pack crates. I bought and packed each reg table their own little box. It was adorable.

The tables all set and lit up! I love the sterling and the glass shining with the candle glow.

The sushi cocktail hour (sans sesame seeds). I think the red pepper to hold the ginger and the wasabi was great! Good job Waldorf.

The caprese salad first course. So delicious. I didn’t capture any other photo pics, I was too busy noshing and running around.

The program underway! Another successful event…


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