A Fun Saturday

This has by far been one of the hardest work weeks yet for me. And it is only Tuesday night. I think the combination of lack of sleep, the events starting to pile up, and those little needles in the haystack are starting to make me crack. Does that even make sense?? I don’t care.

But I thought I would share a bit of my very adventurous Saturday when friends Katie, Igor and Logan were in town. We went to a TON of places! I took a bunch of pictures but then Katie put her’s online and they are FAR SUPERIOR to mine.

So check out all of the awesome photos here: Katie’s Awesome Photo Collection

The weekend technically started off on Friday night with a trip down to the Brass Monkey, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite bars in town. It was packed but I love the atmosphere.


HK– The cheapest all-you-can-drink-brunch I’ve found (if you know of cheaper let me know). Great for reminiscing college day-drinking but with classier beverages. Oh- and the food is good too.

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market AWESOME old stuff including a ton of old family photos and antiques. I ended up getting an old sephia photo of a baby riding a pony. It is hilarious and adorable. I did get charged extra because it was “a horse photo” but I will definitely be going back to grab more. It was named one of the top ten shopping streets by National Geographic! (though I don’t know how often they go shopping…)

Walking the High Lineas previously discovered, one of my favorite New York activities. It still isn’t that well-known by all the normal tourists and it is beautiful. And a great place to take photos.

Chelsea MarketAnother awesome place. The market is a renovated old meatpacking factory with lots of great shops and food inside. They had a pop-up “Swamp People” shop this weekend too. Nothing says renovated building like 8 alligators.

The Meatball Shop– Another great and unique New York restaurant. Like S’Mac it is one of those restaurants that thrives on one food. Surprise- Meatballs. but they are so good and delicious and fantastic. Only in New York can the singular food restaurants survive. But I will definitely be going back. SO cheap too!

Arlene’s Grocery- This great bar across the street from The Meatball Shop. It looks like a legit old grocery store from the outside but inside it is a swanky little bar and band venue! Great place to pass the time…

And now to sleep. As you can see, I need to recuperate.

Go check out Katie’s Awesome Photo Collection!!


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