Our Super Party

It’s become a tradition of mine to host a Super Bowl Party (as you can see in my last blog). This is odd because unless the Steelers are in the game,  I don’t care for much but the commercials  (and the logistics for the 8 min halftime show set-up!! WOW!)

But this year became special because my newly adopted home-team was in the game. And Eli Manning is brother to Peyton Manning, Indiana and Tennessee legend,  so the Giants were representing all homes for me.

Also- we found out this year that like New Year’s Eve, all NYC bars either jack up their prices, charge a crazy cover, or have an outrageous spending minimum. So we built our own party that included my cornbread casserole and Funfetti cookies (WHAT!?) that I didn’t get pics of.  Enjoy the pics that I did take below!


MG's amazing veggie dip stuff!


My party staple since the age of 13... Rotel Dip.


MG Food Coma (note the oatmeal creme pies)/ Enjoying the Game


My attempt at chili without reading the recipe... it became a yummy gumbo!


Some of my lovely guests


Bonnie recreating the Bradshaw squat into the endzone

And we won!! Happy Super Bowl for all.

And since I had to miss the Puppy Bowl to watch the Super Bowl, my favorite commercial pays homage:

4 thoughts on “Our Super Party

  1. I love that everyone from the aud watches the halftime show in awe of the load-in & out, not the performance. No one else I’m friends with understands.

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