Lauren hearts RBG

So the main reason this week has been so insane is because I’ve been prepping for the arrival of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The plan was for the Justice to come to the Law School for the retirement celebration of her friend and old colleague, and then attend an all day conference in her honor the following day. The professor sadly passed away though, so instead, we decided to hold a memorial for him. The family was very appreciative and I was very nervous. I’ve been to 1 funeral in my life, and a Supreme Court Justice was not there.

This professor was well-loved and the event grew from a tentative 68 people, to 300. Plans changed everyday. This along with the fact that RBG would be there meant many details, many changes, and quite the week.

Now THAT is a business card!

I moved classes, put those classes back, moved different classes,  scheduled 2 overflow rooms, assigned seating, reassigned seating, re-reassigned seating, took RSVPs, had a walk-through with US Marshals, secured 2 caterers, secured more food for security, set the reception, changed the set-up for the reception, closed down an elevator, escorted the cellist, called in a few more staff, called in 12 more staff, wrote a staff briefing (beautiful), ordered more programs, prepared for RBG arrival at 4:00, prepared for RBG arrival at 3:45, pushed students out of the hallways, washed RBG’s coffee mug.

It was exhausting.

And nothing went exactly as planned.

But oh well. As my boss says, nothing ever goes as planned but we plan for everything, so when something doesn’t go as planned, everything else does and we can focus on the one unplanned thing. Get it?

It was extremely rewarding though. The family was so grateful and the memorial was so beautiful. The conference today was also super smooth and everyone was so excited to be in RBG’s presence. But the whole team is glad it is over.

I remember being in my interview for my position when my boss explained our involvement with high-profile government officials at events and thinking it sounded completely insane. I’ve dealt with high-profile before, but this is at a Law School, at a university, with crazy people, protestors, students everywhere, and 17 entrances and exits to the building. But, now I’m here and I did it. My first US Marshal experience was a success. And we are totally buddies now- me and the Marshals.

I can’t really talk about the details more than the little stuff already mentioned, but it was awesome. There is not a better feeling than escorting down the hall 3 US Marshals who are guarding a Supreme Court Justice, who smiles as she walks past a 6 foot tall portrait of herself on the wall. See the visual in your head? Now that is a successful day at work.

And that is why I’m at home on a Friday night. This lady is drinking some wine and going to bed.

Happy Friday y’all.


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