One Lucky Bloomington Weekend

As I said on Friday, I made my first trip back to Bloomington this weekend.

 On Friday, my dear Kevin picked me up and we made the trip down to Bloomington. At first, I was totally weirded out. Deja vu set in hard and the feelings of studying for exams and sleep deprivation hit me. While continuing to remind myself I had nothing to study for, I made my rounds at old employers then headed to Anthony’s very college bro-pad to prepare for the evening.

The first of many necessary Bloomington stops was to Mother Bear’s for dinner with 16 of my great friends. I was so thankful that they made time. And was so thankful it was Mother Bear’s. Oh how I missed you so.

Mo Bear's. Goldfish in salad. Bliss.

Then we all headed to go see my sweet sweet Full Frontal perform. I was so happy. They did an amazing job. So many new members for the next generation! It is great to see the greatest love of my college career continue.

Then we quickly headed over to the Bluebird to see Anthony and Lindsay in their band The 5 O’clock Shadows. They were awesome!!! I wish they could just play all night.

Yep. Those are my friends.

Seriously, after FFC and the 5 O’Clock Shadows, I have never been more proud in my life. I was so grateful and lucky that they were both performing during my visit. My heart was bursting. I felt like a proud mama. I was so happy to see my friends just totally kick ass.

The joy continued on Saturday with some lovely breakfast/lunch dates and a walk around campus. I lucked out on weather,  it was beautiful! And I saw all the old stomping grounds and redeemed my very old TIS bookstore points and got a sweatshirt! Win!

Ye ole dorm

The 414 has a front porch now!! Jealous!

Saturday night, the group gathered again for some more love and cheap food! I repeat- cheap! The whole trip was a shock after New York prices! Again, so much fun. Margaritas at La Cha (long awaited) and Sink the Biz at Nick’s. New catch phrases were created, lots of laughs to be had.

SO Cheap!! For so much!

And then, the luck continued with one of my favorite local bands playing a gig across the street! We danced our butts off until we could not dance any longer. It was bliss.

I woke up this morning dehydrated, exhausted, and aching. I have no idea how I kept that pace for four years. Just one weekend was insane!

I admit, I was a bit anxious to return for the first time. I wasn’t sure what emotions I would feel, if I would be super sappy and reminiscent or sad or what. But after the brief bout of deja vu and total weirdness, I realized everything was just fine and totally perfect. I also quickly realized that one of the reasons everything was so perfect was because I’m so happy with where I am now. I have no need to feel sad about leaving Bloomington because New York is just as great but in a whole new exciting way. I’m so lucky to have a great job and be in an amazing city. As weird as it is, visiting Bloomington made me realize how much I love New York too. There. I said it. The “L” word.

This trip was a total success. I was so happy to see so many of my friends and so grateful that they took the time out of what I know are their hectic schedules to see me. So thank you my sweet friends!! My apartment is now waiting for you!!

My sweet friends at FFC with me. "Prom Style"

My one regret- I should have taken more pictures!

Now back to the fifth floor…

Flying back in...


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