Big Nick’s Burger Birthday!

Thanks again to The Skint, I had another awesome, cheap New York adventure on Wednesday. This lovely adventure was at Big Nick’s Burger Joint.

Nick’s was celebrating their 50th Anniversary which is AMAZING since New York trendy restaurants normally turn over every two years.


For the big anniversary, Nick’s was going back to the original menu and the original prices! Rolling back to 1962! Check out those prices!

20120224-185501.jpgAnd we weren’t the only ones that turned out, the line was around the corner!


My dear friend Laura accompanied me on the adventure too. She reminded me that she always accompanies me on the “waiting patiently” adventures.

The line went super quick though cause the serving staff was awesome. They literally threw down the orders like they were behind the server’s back. I kept the fast pace moving and scarfed down my food before I could even take a picture! It was awesome though!


And check out that bill!! I can’t even get a coffee for that price!

And then. The best thing ever. Beard Papa, only the best cream puffs in San Francisco, franchised!!!! GAH!!!! One block down. Bad for Gut. Good for Soul. And just as expensive as my entire meal.

20120224-191256.jpgIt was a happy belly night :)


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