Lauren Does Broadway (Again)!

So since my last Broadway review, I’ve seen 3 more shows. None of which I paid for at full price again! It is the only way to go!

As an update, out of the 3 shows I reviewed last time, only 1 is still running (War Horse). Follies ended it’s limited engagement and Bonnie and Clyde was cancelled…soooo sad.

Here are my thoughts on my most recent experiences:

I mentioned it in my MLK Weekend post, but I was lucky enough to see one of the final performance of Mountaintop with Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett. It has since closed after rave reviews (short runs are the price you pay to get big names on Broadway!)

The show was phenomenal though. The entire show takes place the night before MLK’s death in his hotel room in Memphis. The show was quite moving and so powerful with a cast of only two people. It also probably helped that it was MLK weekend so it made it extra special. I kept thinking how exhausted the actors must be at the end of the show, Angela Bassett was dripping sweat. I had a standing room only “seat” in the back (super cheap- day of ticket) but I was completely mesmerized for the entire show. And at one point, the entire hotel room set flew into the air! Including props that had at one point been moved or in the arms of the actors. I had no idea how anything stayed put in the air. It was wonderful.

The next show I saw was Relatively Speaking. The show is 3 short one act plays written by big name writers- Ethan Coen, Elaine May, and Woody Allen. All 3 plays also included some powerhouse actors from Coen and Allen movies- including Marlo Thomas, the voice of Marge Simpson and Steve “The Goot” Guttenberg

Overall, the show was weird.  That was okay though since I got to go for free cause of my roommates baller job (Thanks Tay!). Ethan Coen’s play was first and was totally weird. Just like a Coen Brother’s movie, but shorter and not as witty. So, no good there. Elaine May’s play (which starred Marlo Thomas) was actually decent. I was expecting a lot less and it surprised me. It was actually surprising how much we could invest in the characters in the short period of time. But then, there was Woody Allen’s play to bring up the rear. Just like an Allen movie, it was quirky and complicated. The Guttenberg looked exactly like he did in 1992 and the voice of Marge Simpson kept freaking me out cause she sounded exactly like Marge Simpson. It was really funny though. The lesser known actors held the show- my favorite being an actor named Danny Hoch who stole the show with an awesome monologue as the pizza delivery guy.

Overall, it was a weird evening of theater because every time you really got into the piece, it was over. But Woody Allen for the win. And Danny Hoch.

My most recent theater adventure was with the show Wit. The show is practically a one-woman show. There are other featured actors, but Cynthia Nixon as the lead carried the entire show, narrating the hour and 45 minutes entirely with no intermission. She was amazing and she stripped completely naked in the end. Brave.

But, this show is about a lonely women dying of cancer. It ain’t no musical. It is a bit of a downer to say the least. But it is SO powerful. And so well done. It truly is a great piece of work if you want to see some great acting. But if you are in town for one show, save yourself the depression and go see Lion King. But again, so good. I have yet to hear more sniffles in a Broadway show thus far. And I got to see it for cheap. Student Rush tickets for $27 in seats that are normally $116! Go Broadway for Broke People!

So all in all, success so far!! But how could it not be?? It is Broadway. 

So here is my complete show rating to date:

If you want some powerhouse celebrity action and are ready to cry: Wit

If you want a visual experience: War Horse

If you want to go back in time: Bonnie and Clyde, Mountaintop or Follies

If you want to go back in time and everything else is sold out: Relatively Speaking

More to come I’m hoping very soon!!


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