High Five For Friday!

It is already another Friday!  I am linking up with Lauren again this week for High Five For Fridays and celebrating the little things that have made this week great.

This week literally flew by so fast I had to think really hard about what even happened! But here are 5 little goods from this week:

Going to a Preschool!

I got to hold an interview in a bilingual preschool on Wednesday for my business class (I WILL talk about that at some point!). Seeing all the finger paintings and hearing the little kids sing in Spanish made my heart so happy!!

Seeing Romeo and Juliet

My friend Paul was in a great version of Romeo and Juliet and he was kind enough to get us free admission to the show.  It was really cool to see an all male version like back in  Shakespeare’s day too! I love that play. Brought the memories back of when we performed it in high school. Haha. It was SO different! If you are in New York, go see it!

Finishing 30 Rock

Thanks to my small marathon last weekend and my episode watching routine while at the gym, I am FINALLY caught up to this season’s 30 Rock! I still need to get through the beginning of this season to be all the way caught up, but it has only taken me like 5 months!!

Purchasing Shoes

I just gave in and made my first spring purchase this week! They haven’t arrived yet! (The online Old Navy is so much better than the Harlem Old Navy in terms of choices!) but I can’t wait. Fingers crossed that they work!

Talking to my Dueber

After what seems like ages of playing phone tag, I finally caught up with my bestie!! I love phone chats with Dueber. She always keeps me so grounded. She is just so damn cool. AND SHE IS MINE!!


Have an awesome weekend and happy beginning of March everyone!!!


6 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

    • OLD NAVY ROCKS! Your sister actually was the one who jogged my memory to look at Old Navy after she got her adorable beige flats! Happy Friday to the other Lauren! (PS– is your middle name Elizabeth too?? I feel like every Lauren’s is!)

    • That is what I was thinking!! I’m already 5′ 7″ so I don’t want to tower right?? And the graduated wedge should help my terrible balance!! Fingers crossed! Thanks for the encouragement and happy Friday Beverly!

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  2. Pingback: High Five For Friday! « From the Fifth Floor

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