Lauren Does The Improv

For the last 8 weeks I’ve been taking improv classes. I’ve looked forward to every Thursday evening.

I’ve been taking classes at Upright Citizens Brigade (Home to various SNL-ers and other comedians). It is the level 1, 101 class so it has been a bit of a review (for those new to the blog I’ve done some improv in the past). But review is really good!! I feel that through the class, I’ve kicked a lot of my bad habits, or are at least more aware of them.

And my class was a hoot. Quite the cast of characters and a really fun group to improv with!

And today I got to improvise with them on a stage in front of all of our friends. It was great. The first time I’ve performed since May. Or as Kerry pointed out to me, my first time performing in New York City. Well, that is definitely a first!

Having a bit of a cold didn’t make it my best improv but I’m super proud of my class and super thankful that my friends came out to watch. Did I take any photos? Of course not.

This class has definitely rekindled my improv fire. Can’t wait to start 201 next week!! ONWARD!

Some of the lovely ladies from my class!


5 thoughts on “Lauren Does The Improv

  1. Man! I’m so bummed I missed it – I flew in from San Fran last night and was wiped out today – congrats on breaking your NYC improv chops in!

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