The Joys of Riding the Subway: Part 2

Week before last, I started my 4 part series on the joys of riding the subway. This week, I’ve got the second reason for why sometimes riding the subway is cool.

2. “Me” time

I’ve learned to really appreciate the dead time on the train. It is the only time in the day that you are absolutely forced to stop what you are doing (which never happened while driving). With very few exceptions, there is no cell phone service which limits distractions. I’ve learned to really enjoy this time and I actually get a lot done.

Lauren’s favorite “me” train activities:

Sleeping. This one happens on accident and on purpose. On purpose is always better. I  just set the phone alarm for 10 minutes! Just make sure no one takes any terrible photos of you. (Been there!)

Reading. I’ve read more books in New York than ever before! The train has allowed me to read a variety of materials too. Books, homework readings, magazines, religious pamphlets being passed out between cars, just lots of things!

Writing.  You have no idea how many of my blogs were written on the train. Like this one. And this one. And this one. All written between 135th and 96th street for the most part (where I transfer to go to work). Thanks to the “notes” app, I just type away! It’s especially helpful if I’m going back from an event that I want to write about. No better time to write than right after!

Prepping. For me, trains are a good place to de-stress or focus on what exactly I have to do. Going home from work, or going to work trains are such a good time to make a list! Which I probably do far too often…

Just Sitting. Breathing and sitting, breathing and sitting. It is pretty nice. Where else can you just sit? When was the last time you just breathed and sat? Maybe you should take the subway more often…

Another great “Me” time activity? Starting the party early. Most of the time there is at least one other person involved but I enjoy it, so it can be “me” time. Nothing is better than starting the weekend with a little pre-party subway party. Want to dance? Okay.

My sweet Sam and me. Professional pre-party starters.

Stay tuned for Part 3!!


4 thoughts on “The Joys of Riding the Subway: Part 2

  1. I’m impressed by your photo caption skills. Most people put “[other person] and I,” which is all wrong. Congratulations on your superior grammar skills!

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