It’s Spring Break!

This is the first year I haven’t had a spring break. It is very odd, and yet at the same time, I still feel like I’m on my own baby break. Why? Because I work on a university campus.

It is a perk I quickly learned to appreciate after starting my job on campus. While you work all year-long, you maintain a similar schedule as the students. As I work mostly for the faculty and alumni, I still have some work to do but when the students leave, the faculty do to! So in December, March, and ALL OF THE SUMMER. My schedule slows down and I get to work at a normal pace. It is pretty great.

Where is everyone??

I started my job in August before class was back in session. I learned my route to work, my daily deli stop and the length of time it takes to get to the 7th floor prior to students. And then my world was rocked.

The subway heading up to Columbia is absolutely horrendous right before 9AM. Not horrendous like normal rush hour horrendous, but horrendous like “I have to get to class and I can’t get another absence, I’m getting on this train whether my back pack is smashed into your face or not” horrendous.

The line for coffee in the morning is wrapped around the entire deli. I just want a Snapple dammit! Quit ordering your hangover breakfast burritos.

And then the elevator. The dang students take it to the classrooms on the 2nd floor! Embrace the stairs people! Utilize the time to wake yourself up and not slow the rest of us down!!

I’ve actually had to allocate more time for myself to prep events on higher level floors due to the fact that it takes so much longer to get to the floors when students are around and we make stops all the way up.

But now, mid-March, when I was really thinking I could use a break, I got one! I gave an audible “YES!” on the train when I realized why it wasn’t packed on Monday morning. To take advantage of the event, I think I’m going to just take a leisurely ride on the elevator now. Straight. To. My. Floor.

I can’t wait for summer :)

Happy Spring Break to all!



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