High Five For Friday!

I am linking up with Lauren again this week for High Five For Fridays and celebrating the little things that have made this week great. I can’t believe it is already Friday! I seriously thought it was Thursday to the point where I almost forgot to write! This week has flown by…

1. Dave Barnes New Album!

My hometown guy (his older sister used to babysit me), Dave Barnes, released his new album this week! I love this guy with his casual music and beautiful voice. He just reminds me of home. I’ve been listening to him all week and I can’t wait to see him LIVE next weekend!!

2. Crepe-tastic

My fellow university employee Laura finally came down to visit me on the main campus for a coffee break! We went to my favorite coffee shop Artopolis that coincidentally serves amazing crepes as well. For Laura, it was love at first sight. So of course we order the “Special” this perfect nutella, peanut butter, banana, pretzel concoction. AMAZING.

3. Registered for Volleyball

I accomplished one of my spring goals this week and signed up for intramural beach volleyball!! I am so pumped and my friends are joining me to make a powerhouse team. I’m sure you’ll hear more about it in the upcoming months, but I can’t wait to get out there, enjoy the weather and kick butt!

4. Started Improv 201!

After completing 101 two weeks ago, I’m right into starting 201! I’m super excited about the group I’m with, my teacher, and hopefully the new skills I’ll pick up! Just another night of the week to look forward to :)

5. NCAA Tournament!


The NCAA tournament was a success for me last night with the first win from my Hoosiers!!! Hoping for another great win on Saturday so we can get a rematch against Kentucky! I even filled out a very optimistic bracket!

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! May the luck of the irish be with you…


11 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

    • Thanks Monica!

      I just found out last night that my “go-to” bar to watch the games in is actually the official NYC gator bar! I’m sure it will be packed this afternoon! Happy Friday!

  1. OMG improv at UCB? THAT is awesome. I think we’ve shared our inner comedy nerd already, but wow. That is really cool. Also, I totally think we’re gonna need to do a high five for friday NCAA bracket pool next year. SO many mentions this Friday!

    Happy Friday, my dear!

    • Heck ya! I love love love it! I’ve been doing improv for a long while but UCB definitely is impressive in terms of the professionalism. Having a great time.

      That would be the funniest bracket pool ever. I would just have the optimistic bracket with IU going all the way!!

      Have a great one Julia!

  2. Ohh I love volleyball – go you for signing up :)
    That’ll be fun!

    Thanks SO much for the comment letting me know about your blog!
    I’m so stoked for my trip to NYC and can’t wait to look though your blog to get a few tips!

    Happy weekend!

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