A Very New York St. Patty’s Day

Now let me first just start by saying, this was the best St. Patrick’s Day ever. I’ve never really celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. But New York celebrates St. Patrick’s Day so I was damn sure I was going to celebrate too!

The day started with the St. Patrick’s Day parade! New York’s oldest parade and my first New York parade! It was crowded of course but we got a great spot on the Upper East Side and having great company always makes it more enjoyable (especially when Mary comes prepared with a Lunchable and Daniel is rocking a super hot green bow tie). We lucked out on the weather too. Last year supposedly it was snowing. This year it was sunny and no jackets were necessary.

It is amazing how many little niche Irish groups there are in the city. Some of the oddest little groups. But lots of flags, NYPD, war veterans, knit sweaters, the cutest fluffy puppy as our crowd neighbor, and GINGERS! SO many gingers!! It was great.

Somehow we never spotted one irish dancer the whole time. But it’s okay. We irish danced our way to the bars…

Beyond the parade, New York’s other biggest St. Patrick Day tradition is drinking. People go ALL out. Sweatbands, glitter, beads. Green. Green. Green. We felt it was our duty to do our part as well. Right? We had to.

We wandered to various irish bars (all packed and super festive), had corned beef and cabbage pizza (The Conan), and even had a “Irish Dancing-Off” in the middle of a bar. Considering none of us knew irish dancing, the other group won. But we made up for the loss with the immense amount of laughter.

The day ended with a festive party at my dear friends’ house. Green beer and an Irish Pandora playlist. Hoorah.

I officially love St. Patrick’s Day! Can’t wait for next year! Good job New York.


2 thoughts on “A Very New York St. Patty’s Day

  1. I have to say i just found your blog through my grey desk’s high five for friday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog about New York! I’m obsessed with New York and the city life and just love to read it through your eyes, your blog is so fun!

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