Lauren Conquers Food

As many of you know. I’m not a very good cook. When I do attempt to cook, most of the time it works out. But I’m just not knowledgable enough in cooking to whip something together (and for one person and for cheap). So recently I’ve been sticking to frozen meals and hotdogs.

But I’ve finally had enough.

I want to be a fancy cook.

I reached out to my closest confidants (Facebook) to get some recipe ideas that would be easy, healthy, and cheap. A tall order indeed. I got some great responses though!

So tonight, I finally finished up my frozen meals and I bought some fresh ingredients. My first attempt was one of the many great suggestions from my brother, a Chana Masala.  This one scared me a bit because it contains a lot of ingredients I hadn’t used before. But Ryan gave me detailed instructions to help me out so I was confident.

For the first time ever I worked with Curry Powder.

I also peeled and grated ginger! I had to look up what exactly was grating but it worked well! I love the smell of ginger! Who knew?

And then I put it all together and made a beautiful meal! Although it doesn’t look pretty, it is delicious!

One issue- the basmati rice. Who knew all rice wasn’t instant? Oh well- so as I write this I’m watching my rice cook.

A successful culinary adventure though! I’ll keep you posted as I attempt to increase my skill. Thanks for this one Ryan!

If you have a recipe that could help me out, let me know! All are appreciated!!

6 thoughts on “Lauren Conquers Food

  1. Lauren, that’s awesome that you’re interested in learning to cook. It’s so much healthier and more affordable to cook at home! I actually recently started a series on my blog which focuses on recipes that don’t require a lot of counter space and that are fast, easy, cheap, delicious, and great for single people — in other words, perfect for city cooks! If this interests you, I hope you’ll check it out. Here’s the first recipe:

  2. i <3 basmati rice but jasmine rice is even better. and for every cup of rice, just bring to a boil, cover and reduce heat to low. leave alone for exactly 15 minutes. no need to watch. its always perfect.

  3. Um, yummy. I have been trying to venture in an Indian direction, even going to a local restaurant the other week and picking something that just about removed my taste buds with its spiciness. Umang would be proud.

    Love chickpeas. And isn’t Trader Joe’s the best place ever?

    • It was amazing to actually make it and realize what ingredients make the different flavors! Go for it! Super easy!! I probably would have added more spices too!

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