High Five For Friday!

I am linking up with Lauren again this week for High Five For Fridays and celebrating the little things that have made this week great.And there are some VERY exciting things this week!!


Even though I was sick yesterday (I took my first sick day from work ever!) I drugged myself enough to go see Hunger Games last night at midnight. I’m cheap more than anything and I couldn’t waste a $14.50 ticket (thanks New York!). It was SO good. And just sitting was nice. SO good. Oh Gale…


I’m super pumped that I get to see my hometown guy, Dave Barnes before tomorrow night in NYC! It will be my first concert here (that isn’t my brother) and I don’t think it could be more appropriate.

3. Hunger Games Soundtrack

Can I write about Hunger Games more? Well I got the soundtrack. And it is real good. Love me some dirty folk music. How many people today on HF4F are talking about Hunger Games you think?

4. My local Fro-Yo

Now that it is officially spring in New York and warm, (I will be looking into a high powered fan this weekend), fro-yo sounds good all the time. And with being sick this week, it sounded even better. And lucky for me, I’ve got my own place just 3 blocks away! Chill Berry. Great name right? I mean, look at that mascot! I will be frequenting that place far too often now.

5. IU in the Sweet 16 tonight!!!

So after last week’s win, I was right and IU is having a rematch against Kentucky tonight. (I originally was supposed to go to Hunger Games tonight but I would have missed the game! So I sold my ticket and sacrificed my Thursday bedtime.) I’m totally hopeful and faithful and I can’t wait to see IU play another game like this.

Happy Friday!!! May the weekend be ever in your favor and GO HOOSIERS!!



2 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. Love frozen yogurt! We just had one open up by me called Bad Frog. Already visited twice and see a lot more visits in my future :)

    happy spring!

    Erin @ life as a Losey

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