The BIG Clueless Event.

Yesterday was a great day. So great, I was completely worn out and couldn’t post anything before passing out.

But yesterday, was a BIG event day! Technically, it is the biggest event we host onsite at the Law School after Reunion Weekend.

It was Moot Court.

What is Moot Court you ask? I have no idea. Pretty much is it this huge mock court competition were after many rounds, 2 final teams present their claims on a case to actual judges. In front of all of their peers.

The main event. The photo does not do the Justices justice!

Seeing that I was pretty much planning a courtroom, it was difficult to wrap my brain around this huge law event when I had no idea what it all involved. Memorandums, Appellees, Bailiff Time Cards, Tent Cards with Hon. in the formatting- What!? This was all very new to me.

Thankfully, this year was a good year to start on. We had some very kind judges and the Supreme Court Justices were busy with Obama’s Health Care Reform so none of them came this year. Phew! My poor boss also explained all this too me in so many different ways.

After all of the details that went into this event (we had some mammoth facilities needs including taking down the wall to form 1 huge classroom instead of 2, maintain all of the court documents, assign seating for 360 people, take care of every details for the judges and their entourage, plan the main event, luncheon, and cocktail reception) it was WELL worth it.

One of the overflow rooms PACKED with students

Once the proceedings started, I got to sit in and see what all my work was for. It was SO cool. These students got to present in front of real judges. In front of all of their peers. It was amazing. And it was tough love. These judges did not sugar coat anything.

Faculty and students watching in the hallway

But to see the entire Law School rally around this event in the hallway, the main room, and in the two overflow rooms was so cool. People really got into it! I’m happy to say I played a part in such an awesome learning opportunity. Oh! And the event was a success too. Lots of hustle but the biggest blunder was my inability to unlock a door. I’m just handicapped.

Yay Moot Court! Whatever that means…


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