My Lifestyle Blog Post

I love lifestyle blogs.

Sometimes I try to be one.

But I just can’t.

Is it cause I’m terrible at life? Maybe not. I just don’t think I could teach anyone anything about hair, fashion, nails, DIY, design, etc.  That is why I subscribe to so many blogs. Teach me wise ones.

But today, I thought I’d show you what it would look like if I did write more lifestyle stuff.

If I was like Kate

If I was like Jessica

If I was like Emily

But instead, this is me.

I call the color: HAWT MESS.

My stressful week at work led me to bite my nails and hauling event supplies made them chip and break in a really unhealthy way.  Are you supposed to work on your cuticles? I think I had a hang nail too.  Instagram made them prettier than they actually are too. Now THAT is bad.

Thank GAWD my mom is coming into town this weekend. Mani Pedi time. Working on that lifestyle thing.

I think  for now I’ll stick to following the pros…

3 thoughts on “My Lifestyle Blog Post

  1. Oh, sorry, I found this on the humor wall, so I thought it was supposed to be funny, but if you are a man, which I am, and you read about nails and you think it is supposed to be funny, then believe me, it is funny.
    If you see what I mean.

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  3. Pingback: High Five For Friday! « From the Fifth Floor

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