The Joys of Riding the Subway: Part 4

Today I present to you my final installment of my 4 part series on the joys of riding the subway (see Post 1, Post 2, Post 3). This week, I’ve got the best reason for why sometimes riding the subway is cool.

4. Car Performers

This is my favorite. It is always so cool when you have a long ride home and you are distracted because of the awesome entertainment. Kind of makes up for the inability to car jam.

There are the occasional bucket drummers that just kind of suck, but I have seen some great performers as well! When I do see the good ones, I totally give out cash. They deserve it. Way to be ballsy.

These have been my favorite: They just totally kicked ass and made my night.

Money Giving Dad

After about 6 stops with a family on the train, a dad suddenly pulls out his wallet and announces that instead of asking for money he is going to give it. He started just announcing random trivia questions! I won $2.

Masked Comedic Break Dancing Guy

Last night I saw a guy on the train that was such a smooth dancer. He was also mime-ish, miming the words to the songs within his smooth dance moves. Oh- and he was wearing a mask. And he was SO funny. He was really brave interacting with all of the people on the subway, but it paid off, I’ve never heard so many laughs on a train. The trip was too short though and I didn’t get a good video!!

Subway Shakespeare

These two guys have actually made quite a name for themselves and they are amazing. I saw them before they were written up in the Huffington Post and had no idea what was happening, until a second actor jumped onto the train at the following stop and I realized it was a scene from Hamlet.


Celebrity Doo-Wop Group

I apologize for the quality of this one, but I saw these guys actually on the subway! A few nights before I had watched them on 30 Rock!


So there you have it! The complete joys of the subway! As more joys appear, I’ll be sure to post!

Happy Tuesday!


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