Bloggers are Changing the World.

Hi All,

I’m not trying to stand on a high horse here. I have terrible balance. But, I wanted to let you all know about a wonderful article that I came upon far too late:

Single Dad Laughing‘s “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay”

And his reader response post that was just released, “A Teen’s Brave Response To: I’m Christian Unless You’re Gay.”

I don’t want to talk about religion (even though the above posts are simply inspirational). But I just want to point out the absolute power that bloggers have.

Dan (Single Dad Laughing)’s original post has generated 10,000 responses and a powerful social media presence, being “Liked” and “Re-Tweeted” over 281,000 times.

His reader response post has shut down his website the response has been so large. Over 1,900 comments in two days and counting. 

This post, posts from Little Blue Boo (which I wrote about previously), and various other bloggers have moved me. Completely and utterly moved me. I’ve been brought to tears and it is all because of a person. Not an organization, a news source,  a company, or an advertisement, but a person writing because they feel compelled to write. By a dad. By a children’s clothing designer.  Things are happening because of these writers.

So do you feel compelled to write? THEN WRITE.

Who cares if no one reads it. You have it. And someone will read it and find it and love it.

Go Bloggers Go. Changing the way we read :)


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