High Five For Friday!

Linking up with Lauren again this week for High Five For Fridays and celebrating the little things that have made this week great. Thank GOODNESS it is Friday!! Really looking forward to this weekend!

1. Pig Watch

While out on my lunch yesterday I saw a woman walking her pig. Not a piglet. A straight up potbellied pig. I ended up chatting it up with this woman and the pig almost ate my shoe. Quite the lunch break!

2. Easter Weekend!

Easter Weekend was always my favorite weekend to go to church when I was a kid. I’m really excited to see how New York does it this weekend! I think I’m going to go to a couple different churches. I’ll let you know if I find anything exciting!

3. Air Conditioner

This beautiful piece of equipment was delivered to me this week. Yes. Delivered to my office. I just have to get it home but I think it will make my non-air conditioned apartment far more enjoyable in the upcoming months!

4. Dinosaur BBQ

Last night I got to make a special trip to one of my favorite restaurants in the city (thus far), Dinosaur BBQ. (That city BBQ breakdown is still in the works!!). Food was delish per usual, but the company was even better :)

5. Hey remember that time I saw Tina Fey!?!?

That is just going to have to be a High Five ForEver for me. So in love. She is the background on my phone right now.

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Hope you have a very Happy Easter Weekend!



7 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. Whaaaat you saw Tina Fey! I would have had to resist a very serious urge to hug her and I’m not sure she’d be down with that.

    Happy weekend!

    Julia @ A Whole Lot of Umph

    • It was a life defining moments. I was “getting tea” and couldn’t take off the lid to put sugar in cause my hand was shaking so bad!! She was very luckily stuck between two tables so I couldn’t jump her and tell her she is my idol.

      Happy Weekend!

  2. The Tina Fey thing is the cutest ever. I think that would be a High five For ever for me too.. Or if Ryan Gosling saved my life or was even in my presence. Or Josh Turner I also like him alot.

    Love your blog.

    Happy Good Friday!

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