Celebrities Spotted! First Edition

So since my post about seeing Tina Fey, I’ve gotten some people asking me who else I’ve seen since I’ve lived in New York. Lucky for you, I’ve kept a list! (Those who know me then say, “of course you did…”)

Since I work uptown and live uptown, my list isn’t even as extensive as others. MG and her co-workers see famous faces ALL the time. A little jealous. Maybe I’ll get MG to do a guest post. What do you think lady??

So here is my current list of celebrities (or who I think are celebrities!). NOTE: These are only those I’ve seen as a real person. For onstage celebrities, please refer here. Or here.

Guy from Law and Order. I don’t know his name but I followed him down the street. The bald one in the back.

Speaking of bald, Robert Verdi, celebrity stylist. I was proud I knew his name.

Maggie Gyllenhaal AND her daughter! IN HARLEM! Big one. And my first celebrity kid sighting!

Pretty much looked just like this.

Alexis Bledel. Shopping in Madewell. I was shopping in the same store! How cool am I right? Well, I was cool until I casually followed her out of the store.

Kevin Burke. Some think famous Broadway actor from shows like Shrek and Spamalot, I think Dad from Two of  a Kind.

The Today Show anchors. DUH. Celebrities in my book! HAD to include them!

Debi Mazar. Night before Thanksgiving (she was on a float the next day). The woman who is the evil stepmother in every movie.

Jack McBrayer. On the train! (US Weekly: Celebrities doing things WE do!). I followed him into his train car and stood right next to him. Acted TOTALLY normal though. yeah… totally.

Adam Duritz, Counting Crows lead singer. In the middle of Times Square! Can’t hide those dreads.

Dot Com from 30 Rock (Kevin Brown). He is like 7 feet tall. Can’t miss him.

And then of course, my lovely Tina Fey.

One I’m most disappointed I missed- Daniel Radcliffe was filming his new movie right smack dab in the middle of campus last week. Less that a block from my office!! How did I miss it!?!?

More to come for sure!!


5 thoughts on “Celebrities Spotted! First Edition

  1. We had so many people come into the office when I worked at Men’s Journal that I saw a ton of people. (My former roommie recently saw Liam Hemsworth) But I saw Bear Grylls, Janet and Latoya Jackson, the Mod Wives, Real Housewive of NJ, Ice T and Coco, my boss Jann Wenner (who is a celeb in my eyes…I mean he was in Almost Famous!), Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, Howard Stern (on the street) and some other people I can’t remember right now.

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