Name Dropping

This whole week is a CRAY-ZAY work week with events! Yesterday I got to work at 7:15AM and didn’t sit back at my desk until 5:15PM.

Why? Cause of this guy:


Name drop much Lauren?

I was lucky enough to work with this Supreme Court Justice and his entourage for an all day conference and student talk yesterday.

It was one of those days where everything you expect to go wrong, goes right, and everything that should easily go right, goes wrong. Kept me going all day!

Oh- and did you know it’s Passover?!? Well this Tennessee girl with one Jewish friend before college (Thanks Mim), had NO idea!

Thank goodness I was given the heads up a week beforehand and could redo not only this event’s entire menu, but an entire week’s worth of event menus!

No leavening, Kosher, matzoh, kosher for Passover, potato bread, kosher wine! Who knew?!?!?

Now I know!

Everyone was so pleased with the event yesterday that no matter how much butt covering I had to do, and how many external elements fell through the cracks, I was pleased too. If nobody else knows than it doesn’t matter right?!? But I am still exhausted!

I hope to post a recap of the week’s events this weekend. Stay posted!

*note* after the taking of this photo I realized I placed the wrong namecard, one with the comma between jr., instead of the corrected. I quickly replaced the card but not the photo. So Mom, no need to tell me about the typo!


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