Visiting the World Trade Center Memorial

So this isn’t a blog post I’ve been wanting to write, but it is a big part of New York, so I know that I needed to.

Two weeks ago when my mom came to visit, along with many other things, we went to the World Trade Center Memorial. It was a huge eye-opening experience for me because for the last 8-months, I hadn’t even made it down to much of the financial district at all. I wrote last fall about experiencing September 11th in the city, but this was a whole different ball game.

After registering online, picking up our tickets at one crowded site, walking to the entrance, going through various security lines, and walking many blocks, we made it in.

It was an amazing site to be seen.

The main focus of the site are two large pools, surrounded by the names of those that have died in the terrorists attacks. Eventually, a museum will be opened too with various remnants of the original site and memorials to each person that died.

The care and detail that was placed into the entire site was amazing. And the fact that 10 years later, so much still is being done with the museum to be opened and new buildings coming up to me does not mean that the site is dragging, to me it means, they are being careful and precise. The tree that was saved, the debris that has now been turned into sculpture, all saved with care.

It still isn’t the prettiest site, with so much construction going on, but I’m glad I went. I recommend waiting until the museum opens and going at night, so you can really see the fountains glow. But I feel that now that I’ve been there, I’m so much more connected to my city.

Afterwards, my mom and I continued to venture to new areas that I hadn’t been. We just walked and walked until I started putting together areas of New York in my mind. I love when that happens. It is like a big puzzle.

My favorite part is when we walked right into the downtown Hilton like we knew what we were doing, and went straight up to the 54th floor and got this pic.

After so much heartbreak, New York is still so strong and gorgeous.



3 thoughts on “Visiting the World Trade Center Memorial

  1. I am not from New York but have visited the world trade center since 2001 and am grateful that I did so. It is just so inspiring the tranformation that has happened and the growth that has come from that devestating day. Great post.

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