Walking the Brooklyn Bridge!

So in the spirit of spring, we had another walking adventure! This one, was across the Brooklyn Bridge!

This was an adventure a long time coming. I’ve been asking around for tips and such to prepare ourselves and here are a few that really made our trip great:

-Take the train to Brooklyn and walk the bridge back into the city, it makes for a much more grand view!

– You can get to the bridge from a couple of train stops in Brooklyn, but take the 2 or 3 to Clark Street for a more charming stroll to the bridge. We took a nice walk down old Henry Street and through a little park before hopping on the bridge. (And I LOVE when I don’t have to transfer trains!)

-Before going home, we took a detour to South Street Seaport! An old renovated shipping dock right next to the bridge, it is now a super touristy location but is really clean with lots of nice shops. I, being a fan of super touristy things, loved it!! It is like New York’s equivalent to San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf- except I couldn’t find sea lions or funnel cakes anywhere.

Here are a few picks of our trip! Such a fun day!

The cables remind me of sight lines in middle school art class

Look look! It's the Statue of Liberty!

Love the walking path above the cars!

Quite the view right?

Lots of bikes!

Sassy per usual

More bridge pics

There is water under there!!

The boats at South Street Seaport!

Tourist City!


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