I’ve Shucked the Oyster. Now What?

Last night, while bored in my business class (I know, I’m sorry, I’m a terrible student),  I went back and read a TON of my old posts from my old blog, Holding the Wind. Like going back and reading a diary, it was hilarious and special to walk down memory lane.

I loved how I wrote, “I’m never going back to school” (See above for irony). I also love reading about my complete cluelessness in regards to what the upcoming year (this year) would hold.  Those feelings of excitement and anxiety totally just rushed back while reading!

I was a better writer then than I am now. I also was a happier writer. I think I had more pep in my step.

It is crazy to see where I was exactly one year ago (here, here, and here) and see how much things have changed.  Back then, the world was my oyster. What would be the next step?? Now, I’m in the world.  I’ve accomplished living and working in one of the most exciting cities. I’ve shucked the oyster.

So now, how do you stay excited? What do you have to look forward to? That is one I’m still trying to figure out.

Grant it, I still have things to look forward to but they are smaller or more long term- drinks with my friends on Wednesday, going on a new adventure on the weekend, finishing improv classes, a vacation months away, growing in my career. And I love that stuff. But after one of the most exciting periods of your life- how do you ramp it back up??

Maybe this is that point in my life where I turn around to everyone younger than me and say, “*Sigh*, college was the happiest time of my life”. I hope not though. I have a feeling there are plenty more exciting times to come. I just have to find them.

I guess after 8 months of living in this city and being a grown-up, there is still some adjusting to do.

I KNOW there are others out there that have felt this way. I know it. So want to talk? Comment below. I’d love it.



2 thoughts on “I’ve Shucked the Oyster. Now What?

  1. I think you have it right. Yes, college (at least undergrad was, grad school is a whole different animal) was four great years. Looking forward to the weekends was the thing to do. Fun, exciting times were inevitable. But once you get into the real world, enjoyment comes from more serious things, such as moving into a new apartment, getting a new job, finding your passions, taking on new hobbies; simply finding yourself as a young adult. Not making excuses, but there were way too many distractions in college to really find who you are as a person. And establishing a family, finding a husband/wife, and so on is very exciting! Don’t you agree?!

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