High Five For Friday!

I am linking up with Lauren again this week for High Five For Fridays and celebrating the little things that have made this week great! It is mid-April people. Where has the time gone!?!?

1. My Clipboard Project!

As I mentioned two weeks ago, I got these weird baby clip boards and I finally did something with them! Not too bad right? I just used the velcro and wall mounts I had in my office but it gets all my sticky pads off my desk! And adds a pop of color!

2. Last Week of School!!

As I mentioned around Spring Break, the atmosphere is totally different around here when the students are gone. Therefore, I’m SO excited that it is the last week of school! My elevator trip to my 7th floor office will be so much faster now!

3. The Yankees TONIGHT!

I’m pumped to go to my first Yankees game tonight!! Can’t wait!! Blog post sure to come…

4. My Pretty Blue Sign!

What has taken months to order  (thanks University system) I finally received and used for the first time at an event this week! They are beautiful and so useful! Although right after this picture they blew over cause the wind got so fierce. Don’t worry, I’ve installed a velcro support/rigging system. Aren’t you jealous of my signs?? You know your company wants some!!!

5. Death of a Salesman this weekend!

If all goes well and the rush is a success, I will be seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman (or PSH as we call him) as Willy Loman on Saturday night!! Fingers crossed!!!

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


6 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

    • I love it!! I’m loving having everything off my desk and onto my wall! I’m trying to think of more things now! I used those foam wall adhesives on the back of the clipboard (so not to hurt paint) and velcro on the back of the post-its and the board (so I can switch them out when they are done!) let me know how it goes!


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