This Isn’t About Monster Trucks: The Demolition Depot

This past Thursday when the gym was far too packed and the weather was far too nice, I decided to just take a really long walk. And where did I decide to walk to? East Harlem.

Now East Harlem has about the worst rep out of all Manhattan neighborhoods. But like my own central Harlem, it is really growing into a cool place so I decided to visit.

Upon my walk I came across this place:

The Demolition Depot. Cool right?

Demolition Depot takes old antiques from old buildings and saves them before the buildings are torn down. They then sell the pieces to fancy interior designers and people with good senses of design and fat wallets.

For some reason, I already knew about this place. When I came across it, I already knew what it was. I still can’t put my finger of exactly why I know the place, whether it was a DIY show or a discussion with a fellow Harlemite (if you know, please let me know!)

So after being a creeper and peering through the window,  I decided I’d come back over the weekend when the store was open and I could really investigate.

And so we did.

It was soo cool! I had a heart palpitations the whole time. Being a huge fan of reused piece and antiques, I fell in love over and over and over.

This place was huge! One whole floor dedicate to window and doors, one whole floor dedicated to toilets and sinks, and a whole backyard full of things.

And while I can’t afford about a single thing, it was such an interesting afternoon. I WILL go back someday with my own fat wallet and create the best re-purposed headboard of all time.

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