An Event Planner’s Heaven/Nightmare

Today our team took a field trip to Greenwich, Connecticut. I’d never been to Connecticut (or anywhere outside of New York besides New Jersey) and it was such a cute little drive!

We went to visit the floor room of our party rental company, Smith Party Rental, to pick out our combination of linens, chairs, seat covers, china, florals, votives, and then some for Reunion 2012. It was exhausting!

While we had something in mind when we entered the store, our minds began to wander with the infinite combinations!

They had even set up a mock table for us to just play with any combination we wanted! It was like an event planner’s playground!!

While it was SO much fun, the combinations were daunting and the amount of time I could have spent in there was scary.

There were SO many linen options. Not only one linen, but linen overlays, skirting, alternating table patterns, and on and on and on… my mind was going to explode.

Once you got through linens, there were seat cushions!

And chairs!

And candle colors!

After about two hours, we came up with our perfect candle/votive/linen/napkin/china/floral/ribbon/chair combo. It is beautiful. Which one did we pick??? You’ll have to wait until my Reunion post! Until then, enjoy this puppy that was our stress reliever as we left the store… ADORABLE!


One thought on “An Event Planner’s Heaven/Nightmare

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