Cinco De Mayo en Nueva York

As I mentioned on Friday, Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays. I celebrate every year. An excuse to indulge in margaritas and chips?? Why wouldn’t I!

This year, with the new discovery of our roof access, we decided to host a shindig at our place and celebrate the Battle of Puebla. And boy did we…

Enter Trader Joe’s ridiculously fresh salsa and sweet potato chips…

My margaritas were amazing (if I do say so myself).  I add a secret ingredient. Secret ingredients mean they MUST be good right?? Well everyone enjoyed them. I probably enjoyed them too much… Celebrating the one year anniversary of becoming an alum as well! Congrats 2012 Grads!

Mary Grace made these ridiculously good little individual Mexican layer dips. So cute y muy delicioso.

Laura’s amazing margarita bars. They didn’t last long!

Weirdest addition to the party? This odd game we actually own but never played called Adios Amigos. Perfect for the party! It was like the card game speed but with little guns and dynamite and you had to add up numbers of cowboys and weird stuff. Mathematics and margaritas are always a quality combination.

And then off to the roof! My heart was hoping to would be a sunny day but alas, Nueva York was overcast. Didn’t break our spirit though! Thanks to Hillary for capturing the first big adventures on our Harlem roof!

After a full afternoon of chips and margs, we decide to embark into midtown for some dinner at Blockheads- the Mexican restaurant with the biggest patio in the city. Somehow a party of 8 got a table immediate. Pure luck of the Cinco.

After dinner it was cold and we headed to the closest bar for warmth– an Irish Pub. Nothing says Cinco De Mayo like a little Guiness though right??

We ended up staying there the rest of the evening- coronas and sombreros included. I didn’t snap any pictures but I did get a picture of my very festive shoes:

Ridiculous right??

Happy Seis De Mayo everyone! Hope your Cinco was as celebratory as mine!


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