The Yankee Bell

Well, baseball is back in New York and after a really great deal on Groupon, I decide to get some of those tickets. EMBRACING THE DAY!

So for a celebratory evening out, we headed to the Bronx and to Yankees Stadium (a surprisingly quick train ride to my house). It is mammoth.

We were up pretty high but I didn’t mind one bit! Really lets you see how gigantic the stadium is! It also blocked us from the CHILLING wind. It was a bit of a cold night! I also feel more comfortable yelling profanities when farther away from the field.

Look look! Madonna’s ex-boyfriend!!!

We stuck around for the majority of the game (and to see A-Rod hit a home run) but when we really couldn’t feel our toes we decided to take another adventure. Where to? Taco Bell.

This might seem a bit ridiculous to those that live outside of the city, but to those that live in New York, YOU GET IT. It is nearly impossible to find a Taco Bell in Manhattan. So when we found ourselves in the Bronx, we felt that a Taco Bell couldn’t be far. We followed our heartstrings and Yelped our way to the nearest janky Bronx mall food court, only a few blocks from the stadium.



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