Stick ‘Em Up: Craft Night in Harlem

In the an earlier post, I gave you a tour of my Harlem room. Today I’ll continue that tour with my most bold room addition yet…

Wall decals.

Now when I think wall decals- I normally think of really cheesy quotes like “Reach for the Stars” “Love is in Our Home” “Home is Where the Heart is” and other quotes posted on a wall behind a couch or near a dryer. But with no headboard and no ability to make some major dents in my renter walls, I thought I might explore the possibility to accent my featured wall. And that’s when I found this Etsy store: Byrdie Graphics. Go buy them.

This woman has it going on. Chic designs, affordable and really clean looking.

So I took a jump, ordered mine and had Laura come over to help.

At first we were terrified, and took forever to figure out where each should be placed. But after the practice decal (this adorable sample bird that I’m keeping up!) and one terrified bloom down, the rest came as a piece of cake.

To entertain us, Taylor narrated 50 Shades of Grey from my bed.

In the other room, MG had a project of her own. A ribbon painting she made all by herself. Cool right?!?

Finally we (Laura) completed the wall. What do you think??

I love them. Such an easy way to jazz up a space especially for a renter and really frames the space.

Aren’t they just so pretty?!?

And this bird is staying…

2 thoughts on “Stick ‘Em Up: Craft Night in Harlem

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