Camping Out For A Salesman

I’ve been wanting to see the revival of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman since it opened on Broadway. It stars Philip Seymour Hoffman (or PSH has we close to him call him) and Andrew Garfield (this summer’s Spiderman and The Social Network‘s dreamboat). I wrote my final AP English paper in high school on this show so I’ve been passionate about it since way back in the day and I’ve never seen it performed. Problem was tickets are crazy expensive and the show has been selling out like crazy and it ends its limited engagement in June. So to buy a ticket was out and to use my inner circle for free tickets was also out of the question.

As I mentioned in my previous Broadway ticket breakdown, you can rush shows to try to get cheap tickets. I did that for DOAS a few weeks ago and all the tickets were gone WAY over an hour before the box office officially opened. It was the only time I haven’t gotten tickets.

So on Saturday, I decided to take life into my own hands. I slept in my clothes, got up at 5 AM and with a fully charged phone, a Diet Mountain Dew, and a good sweatshirt I went to go rush.

I arrived to the theater at 5:58AM and there were already five people ahead of me in line.

But for the next 4 hours, this is where I sat:

And I watched every episode (4) of Girls (You MUST watch this show if you are a 20-something!), the new episode of Smash, and about a thousand other things. Can I just say thank goodness for iPhone TV applications?

I also wrote a few blogs (get ready) and did this:

And yes- I know, the original job was ridiculous as well.

Slowly but surely more people began to show up. At 8AM, they handed out wristbands (a first in my rushing experience, only necessary for REALLY popular shows). So at 8AM I knew I had my tickets… I just had to keep waiting until 10AM…

along with everyone else…

FINALLY 10AM rolled around and I got my cheap, wonderful, amazing tickets. I ran home to take a nap and then get ready for my 2PM matinee where I was reunited with my wonderful friend and fellow Arthur Miller lover, Anna!

Fun Fact: IU was represented in the show! See the flag?? See the biceps???

The show was absolutely phenomenal. Best thing I’ve seen on Broadway. I can’t wait to see how many awards it wins this season. I will definitely be cheering for it. After the show, Anna and I tried to take the best picture we could but we literally did know what to do with ourselves. Our emotions were wrecked and I didn’t know how to use my hands anymore

It also doesn’t help that 15 minutes after this photo was taken we spotted the infamous Uncle Jessie, John Stamos. I just wanted to yell at him, “I have a board game with your face on it!!” (Yes, Full House had a board game). Instead, I ran myself back against a wall and stared at him until he passed. I even got to hear his sweet sweet voice. I googled enough to find out that he was either coming or going from this event (he was wearing the suit and everything!)

So all in all- absolutely, undoubtably worth my 4 hour early morning camp out. No doubt. Ugh so so so good. So beautiful. Wonderful. Amazing. AND John Stamos. LIFE MADE.

He looked JUST like this.


5 thoughts on “Camping Out For A Salesman

  1. and fyi, we happen to have the inside track on John Stamos – he is a sucky tipper. And not even friendly. Two strikes!

  2. I love it…I would’ve camped out with you and Anna, just so you know.

    There’s a chance I might be in NYC sometime this summer…I’ll keep ya posted.

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