High Five For Friday!

I am linking up with Lauren again this week for High Five For Fridays and celebrating the little things that have made this week great! It’s been a crazy week but a lot of good things! Hard too choose the top five but here it goes…

1. Obama in the house!

Obama spoke at the Barnard commencement ceremony on Monday in the center of campus. Therefore, Obama was less than a tenth of a mile away from me. I actually didn’t see him at all but they locked down our building and didn’t let anyone leave cause he was so close to us. We did watch secret service drive his car into campus though through our windows. That’s cool right!? Ha.

2. This guy is back and FINALLY talking to this girl. 

My sweet friend Cody moved back to the city this week after graduating this past week! My first Class of 2012 friend to get here! Can’t wait for more adventures with him. And I FINALLY got to catch up with my sweet old roomie Sam. It’s been months long phone tag. Love my friends. Love love.

3. Wednesday night JAM.

I got to go see some great improv Wednesday night with some of my lovely improv friends. We stuck it out until the very end and participated in a JAM. So we got up there and performed with people we’ve never met. I got paired with a women with very strong feelings against Obama and all she wanted was free love. So maybe not the best improv scene ever but definitely memorable.

4. The Resurrection of Jamie Lidell

I found this guy on my iPod this week and I can’t believe I had gone so long without listening to him. Man, I forgot how fun he is. Listen to him and car jam/subway jam.

5. This is maybe the lamest thing ever but…

My Klout score went up a good bit this week (SOCIAL MEDIA NERD). I’m sorry but after just reading this book, it seems pretty cool for my score to go up! Speaking of…. tweet me! @leschaef

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


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