Aids Walk *Sniff* NYC *Sniff* 2012 *Sniff*

When I had the opportunity to walk with one of the biggest sponsor teams for the Aids Walk NYC, of course I said yes! Supporting a great cause, a walk in Central Park, and checking out some massive event logistics (dork) = perfect combo. So I hauled myself out of bed in the wee hours of the weekend and showed my support.

And then my allergies kicked in.

Do you SEE the pollen?? Cause I was feeling it… Event started off well though, with a spotting of Nick Jonas and some singer next to him that I wasn’t familiar with. Are you? Coach Beast (from Glee) and OMG– PETE CAMPBELL FROM MAD MEN were there too. And Pete Campbell was rocking a beard. Sexy sexy man beard. And then we were off! What a beautiful day for a walk!

I stayed long enough to realize that the largest aids walk in the world meant a lot of people. While I was willing to help fight aids, I just couldn’t fight my allergies anymore. When we hit 110th, I just kept walking north for home. It’s the thought that counts right??

Either way, it was a beautiful day for a beautiful cause.


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