A Boston Sunday

With the Memorial Day Weekend giving us an extra day of adventure, MG, Laura and I decided to finally take advantage of our convenient proximity and head to another East Coast city. Where to? BAWSTON.

I had been to Boston before but my ladies friends had not! So we had a great/exciting/inexpensive adventure ahead of us.

First stop: Chinatown. Yep. We took the Chinatown busses. I highly recommend them especially if you are heading up for just a day like us. They are the cheapest and they drive much faster than they should so they get you there super quick! It’s a no frills bus but it works. AND they have this awesome mascot if you drive with Lucky Star like us.

Next stop, and one that I have been wanting to make for a while: THE JOHN F. KENNEDY PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY AND MUSEUM.

As soon as I found out this place existed and that is was just a train ride away on the outskirts of Boston, I knew I had to go. I’ve had the weirdest obsession with the entire Kennedy family for as long as I can remember. I think it is the jaw line.

I was a very happy girl

We totally lucked out with the whole excursion too. Our bus got us to the train right on time- our train got us to the shuttle right on time- and using our student IDs (one more month until expiration!) we got in cheap and right on time for the introductory movie. PERF PERF PERF.

My favorite piece was the old agenda book from Kennedy’s assistant during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Our country was in a huge dilemma and THIS is what he went by!! Love it.

The big gallery of the museum was gorgeous. And it was SUCH a beautiful day. Yes- I think I would like to host an event here someday.

And then, into the city we went! The girls LOVED Boston Common. Now being used to Central Park, it is quite the change! And it is the oldest park in America!

And people were doing crazy gymnast things…

Some Instagram Memorial Day love from Boston Common…

We then wandered around Cobble Hill for a bit and looked at all the residential houses. They are adorable!

What I wouldn’t give for this to be my “From the Fifth Floor”!

And onward we went to the Freedom Trail! For those that don’t know, the Freedom Trail is literally a line that you can walk all around the city that takes you to all the historical landmarks. I also found an awesome iPhone app that I secretly read about all of the locations so we didn’t look all touristy with a map.

Pretty sure all my weird photos gave it away though!

My favorite part of the Freedom Trail- a statue of Paul Revere’s famous ride. All I could think of though was that hip-hop song “Smack Dat Ass”. I couldn’t stop laughing.

We of course had to make a stop at Mike’s Pastry, the uber-famous pastry shop in Boston’s North End. We quickly became comatose and basked in the sun.

And then we saw these funny lobsters

And Mary Grace was fascinated with this baby house

And I saw this great (?) sewer

I just wanted to say “Duh”

And then we ate some more. Seeing that we were in Boston, we had to get clam chowder! So we went over to Boston’s oldest restaurant, Durgin Park (their tagline is: “Established before you were born”) and got some real authentic CHOWDA. The Boston Baked beans weren’t actually that good (I’ll stick with my southern beans!) but if that is the worst part of my trip, I’m NOT complaining!

And then being exhausted, full, and completely pleased, we got back on our bus and napped the whole way home.

What a way to spend a Sunday.

Total success.


4 thoughts on “A Boston Sunday

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