Madison Square Eats

Thanks again to my trusty Skint, I heard about another great NYC event called Madison Square Eats.

Surprise! It is a food fair- in Madison Square Park! (not the big arena, the quaint lovely park).

With a great view!

But of course, being New York, this isn’t just a bunch of standard food stands, the big guns of NY foodies (like Momofuku and others) came out for this event and brought some amazing bites with them. It was a great way to check out a bunch of great chefs without spending all the money.

While it was an almost impossible choice, I went with the Lobster pound. I’ve been eyeing this piece at every Brooklyn Flea for a while. Every time I’ve seen this food, the line is always wrapped around the corner. So I splurged. ($16 for a sandwich!)

And it was SO worth it. Such a satisfying little bite (with like an entire lobster in it) and worth the big buck.

MG got some delicious tacos and we also got some people’s pops! Strawberry rhubarb…

Don’t believe me?? Go get one!!! Event ends tomorrow!!!


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