To the Jersey Shore

This week is a BIT INSANE with #Reunion2012 being this weekend. So to keep things rolling here on the fifth floor, I thought I’d do a throw back to a little occasion that I hadn’t had a chance to post between all of the Memorial Day activities.  And if you’re interested, follow me on Twitter for the #Reunion2012 updates. See you on the flipside y’all.

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to the Jersey Shore. Now, I guess there are actually swanky parts of the Jersey Shore- places where families take legit vacations. But this was the boardwalk- Seaside Heights to be exact. Yes- the setting for the MTV phenom, Jersey Shore.

Now the boardwalk is just about any other beach boardwalk I’ve ever been too. Cheesy, overpriced, but oddly cute. Having had a TV show filmed here just added an extra punch (and a ton of t-shirts with quotes from the show that I didn’t understand). And every once in a while, I was lucky enough to run into a girl who wanted to be the next Snooki. It was great.

But anyways– here are a few shots from the little excursion.

A Jersey Shore phrase “Gym, Tan, Laundry”

OH! And how could I forget– the BEST PART OF ALL OF NEW JERSEY. (I love you Bruce Springsteen)

Yes… the exit for Asbury Park :)


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