Commencement/Graduation/Blast and a Half!

Hello all! Another post that didn’t make the pre-Memorial Day cut for you while #Reunion2012 preparations continue. I KNOW you would have been anxious if you didn’t hear from me! T-minus 2-days… prepare yourselves for an EPIC #Reunion2012 post!

I have a really weird fondness for graduations, commencements, whatever you want to call them. The pomp, the circumstance, the crisp logistics. Yum (events dork here).  Having worked every commencement of my undergraduate career,  (except for my own), I feel right at home with graduations.

So when it was my turn to have a hand with the first graduation ceremony as a full-time employee, I felt right at home. Except this time, I wasn’t working with thousands and thousands of anxious families. I wasn’t working with pushy mothers who wanted the best seats or frail grandmothers who got a slight feeling of vertigo when needing to go down stadium stairs. There wasn’t a need for talking to large groups of people at a time or “using my firm voice”. Cause this time, I got to work with these ballers:

photo credit: Chris Taggert

Yep. The Class of 1962, the 50th reunion class. And it was great. They were just the happiest group of people and the most wonderful to work with.

While I will always have a soft spot for seating thousands of guests in a short period of time, now working for a development office, I love taking the extra time to care for a small group like 1962. And boy did they appreciate it. Even just taking their jackets and briefcases to their seats prior to their arrival put the biggest smiles on their faces. And they were SO proud of their school. Which made me SO proud of their school too. Just adorable.

And of course, everything else went off without a hitch too.

Including our commencement lunch– it was the last event to host of the school year! Time for summer!!

Man- Graduation is a gorgeous sight to behold.



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