High Five For Friday! A Real Good One…

I am linking up with Lauren again this week for High Five For Friday.

When I was originally thinking about what I am happy about this Friday, they all seemed to be on the negative side (counting down until Reunion is over, the fact that this week is behind me), instead of focusing on the positive. Yes- this week has not been easy, and the next two days will be even tougher with the biggest event of the year being all weekend. Really, it’s been a bear. But then while walking home, with my brain and shoulders heavy, something wonderful happened-

I got caught in the rain.

And everything else stopped.

With no umbrella, I had nothing else to do but just keep walking towards home. I let the stress and the worry and the strain roll right off of me with the rain. And I just let the rain hit my face. And I laughed with the others who got caught. And I lifted my head up, and I looked towards the sky, and I thought about the good things.

So here are my very positive 5 things for Friday:

1. This Little Bugger

While tanning, enjoying the sun on my roof on Sunday, I got a surprise visit from Draco, my neighbor’s dog. I was so engrossed with him, I forgot to notice my quickly “sunkissed” face, shoulder, and legs. But oh well, Draco was totally worth it.

2. My Dad’s Birthday

Yesterday was my Pop’s birthday. I’ve mentioned him before around here, so we all know how cool he is right? He is the greatest dad a lady could ask for and I’m so happy he is mine. While I didn’t get to spend it with him, I can’t wait to celebrate with him big in the beach in 1 week! Love you Dad!!

3. Wine and a Book

I’ve never enjoyed a little wine and a book more than I have this week. Maybe it’s cause my feet have been tired all week, maybe it is because of the mild weather, maybe it is cause $3 Charles Shaw and The Time Traveler’s Wife are just the perfect combo. But either way, it was a perfect remedy week.

4. Reunion

As much as I’ve stressed, as much as I’m sick of prepping, and as much as I’m terrified of making the dreaded dwelled upon mistake, I AM looking forward to Reunion. It is a huge event. It has been such a big learning opportunity, and our team is so good- I’m sure it will be a fabulous weekend. It will also be fabulous when I get that fat OT paycheck next week. Europe here I come…

5. That Rain

thanks for the rain

Definitely high-fiving that rain. Thank you rain. You’re my buddy this week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! May we all focus on the positives and just enjoy ourselves :)


2 thoughts on “High Five For Friday! A Real Good One…

  1. It is sometimes so hard to appreciate the positive but I’m glad you did – it reminded me to do the same. Have a great weekend and cute pup!

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