Big Apple BBQ

Hi All!

I feel like in my Reunion stupor I’ve been away for too long. But now I’m back, minorly refreshed, and moving onward!

After sleeping in for the majority of the day on Sunday after Reunion 2012, I was lured out of bed by my roommate (thank you) with the mention of BBQ.

Being a self-proclaimed BBQ aficionado, (I am from the south after all!), I love testing out the different New York BBQ styles and couldn’t wait to see what was in store when I heard about the Big Apple BBQ Block Party.

Welcome 'Cue Lovers

Welcome ‘Cue Lovers!

The Block Party brought together some of the biggest BBQ powerhouses in the country. While the big New York restaurants were there (and I WILL write a review on these soon!), the SOUTH represented like woah. Alabama, the Carolinas, Tennessee and Georgia were all present.

Tennessee BBQ

Tennessee and BBQ Smoke!!

I’ve never been so happy to see smoke in my life. The music was bumpin’ and Madison Square Park (home to another recent food fest) was PACKED! Almost too packed. Like overwhelmingly packed.

packed bbq festival

Every flag was the END of the line for another BBQ cart

But after sorting through the masses, figuring out which cut of the pig we wanted, and finding which places weren’t already out of meat. We got ourselves some sweet pulled pork and slaw. Yummmmmmmmmm.

BBQ Sandwich

Heaven in a crappy paper dish.

But we couldn’t end there. Too many specialty desserts were there as well. So we headed for New York’s Blue Smoke for some strawberry rhubarb crisp (a la mode of course!).

Yum yum yum yum yum.

Blue smoke strawberry Rhubarb dessert

Oh hi dessert. You’re my buddy.

The whole event really woke me up and gave me a little entertainment in my very brief weekend!

Jealous? You should be. I’m jealous just staring at the pictures and I ate the food!


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