High Five For Friday!

I am linking up with Lauren again this week for High Five For Fridays and celebrating the little things that have made this week great! This week has been pretty great. How great? Like- PRETTY GREAT. So I’m excited to share my little tidbits of fun.

1. Wearing Heels at Work

Now for most people, this might be a normal occurrence, but since I’ve been hauling these boxes for the last month, I’ve had to stick with flats. So the fact that I can wear heels (cause the boxes are GONE) is something worth celebrating.

*Note! These are the heels that I bought online good number of Friday’s ago! Thanks for all of the words of encouragement with them! They are GREAT!

2. Celebratory Reunion Lunch

To celebrate the end of a successful Reunion, our whole team got treated to Rosa Mexicano at Lincoln Center and it was YUM. I got Carnitas tacos and split some fish tacos as well. (Along with churros, queso, and the most amazing guac ever!) Such a fun little treat in the middle of our Wednesday!

And they had the coolest water feature I was obsessed with- this HUGE wall of water that extended up both floors of the restaurant with hundreds of little men that looked like they were free-falling down the water- they all looked like they were enjoying it too which made it even cooler.


OH yes- my volleyball season came to a close yesterday. And while we didn’t win on the court, we won in the bar! Which is where it is important right? We even got commemorative cups. Yep- I’m on a team with a bunch of flip cup pros. Oneder Years 4 life!

4. Products Products Products!

(technically I’m just talking about two products but the rule of threes just makes it sound more appealing)

This week I got my second Birchbox and I’m super pumped about the products! I haven’t tried them all yet but I’m OBSESSED with the perfume Wonderstruck that they included (and it totally helps that it is Taylor Swift’s perfume- of course she would have wonderful perfume).

Also- my frizzy/wavy summer hair has finally been tamed (sort of) with the purchase of Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray. I finally have wavy hair that looks like wavy hair and not just a weird mess of strings and frizz. I highly recommend it!

5. Beach Beach Beach Beach Beach!

Finally, my beach hair will definitely be of use this week when I head down to Destin with the family!! I can’t wait to head down there! Sunday can’t come soon enough!! (And for all you wondering– don’t try to rob me. I’ve got 3 roommates that will be keeping watch!)

I most likely won’t be posting next week, so I’ll leave you with a photo with what I hope my next Friday will look like:

Happy Friday y’all!! Have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. Love your vball team’s name…makes me think of That Thing You Do, “as in I wonder what happen to the Oneders?” glad you had a great week!

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