Beach Therapy

Sitting in the airport, waiting for my flight back to New York, I can’t help but think how amazingly successful this beach trip was. I mean- it was AMAZINGLY successful. So successful in fact that even the airport has been ideal, giving me a $400 flight voucher to take a later flight and free wifi access (woohoo for flying solo!)

I knew I needed to decompress, and I’ve never looked more forward to a relaxing trip in my life, but I really had no idea how badly I needed this trip until I was here.

I didn’t realize how badly the city and all of intricacies had worn me down until I sat on the beach, unplugged, and got back to just being me. It was pretty unreal.

I thought that the phrase, “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere,” just meant with a career. But I’m realizing now that it also means mentally surviving in the concrete jungle. I feel like taking a step away made me realize that New York is a lot harder than I thought. It really it is such a weird environment to live in and had caused me some massive mental wear and tear. Those tall building and cement really did get to me, man. In more ways than I really knew.

The beach for me was therapeutic. Just sitting, reading, focusing on just throwing a frisbee back and forth- calmed me. I could breathe easier. I could center my often wandering mind. I hope I can bring some of that beach calm back to the city with me. I hope I can remember that the stress, anxiety and worry I’ve been plagued with is just not needed.

While I can’t be at the beach all the time, I think I took enough pictures to remember the feeling of calm. Maybe I’ll blow one up and put it in my room. Or maybe I’ll take some adventures to those New York beaches soon and see if they give me the same relief.

While I’m sad to be leaving, I’m SO glad it happened. Like- SO SO SO glad it happened.

Thanks Beach. Thanks Family.




3 thoughts on “Beach Therapy

  1. Great post Lauren, and so so true. I feel the same way every summer when I go back to KY and am in the mountains – I can breathe finally. This City wears you down for sure. So glad you had a great vacation, and time with family is priceless. Look forward to seeing you on Monday and hearing the stories!

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