The Empire Hotel

One of my big wishes for my New York summer finally came true last night. I went to a rooftop bar. Like a NICE rooftop bar in New York.

And it was! It was really nice and a little glamorous. As were the people- especially all the men that just got off work at Brooks Brothers and came straight to the bar.

We headed to the Empire Hotel,  a well-known hotel in the Upper West Side right across the street from Lincoln Center. The Empire Hotel’s retro-glam sign shines from the top of the rooftop all along the west side.

And what can you find right behind that big ole sign? A fancy rooftop bar.

the empire hotel from the roof

When we first got there, we started the party..

empire hotel rooftop bar

And then the sun started going down, the candles were lit, people that get off work later than us arrived, and it was beautiful!

empire hotel rooftop bar new york ambianceI loved the uplight ivy walls and the mirrors (and the city through the mirrors)

empire hotel rooftop bar at sunsetIt turned into a beautiful evening with some beautiful friends (and beautiful wine- yay Happy Hour!).

lincoln center at nightAnd on my way out, I got to see my favorite place in all of New York all lit up. Just beautiful.



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