Amateur Night at the Apollo

I’ve been to the Apollo before. But last Wednesday, I finally went for what the Apollo is famous for- Amateur night. Thanks to MG and Missy for the idea! We kicked it in the balcony. Cheap seats= crappy pictures. Sorry!

Don’t know what Amateur Night is? How is that possible!?!? Were you not up at 11:30PM as a little kid and the only thing on PBS was Amateur Night? Crazy.

Well- for the ONE CRAZY that doesn’t know what Amateur Night is- it is a night for amateurs (duh) to perform at the world-famous Apollo Theater (right down the street from my Harlem Apartment). Winners of Amateur Nights go onto the finals and famous acts like Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and Michael Jackson. Soooo yeah… it is kind of a big deal. It’s historic.

But the coolest thing about Amateur Night is that the audience is the decision maker. It is the original X Factor, the Gong Show BEFORE the Gong Show. Those acts you like, you applaud. Those you don’t you boo. And BOY do people boo! You boo until the “Executioner” comes on stage and takes them off.

Sound terrible? It really isn’t. You have to be REALLY bad to get booed off. Like this guy we saw Wednesday night. He was the only one out of the whole group that the Executioner took out. He cracked on his first note.

It was so wonderful to boo! Such a stress reliever. And let’s be real, this guy had it coming! Missy loved to boo too.

Booing at Amateur Night at the ApolloThe whole night was SO much fun. I’ve never been to an event where the crowd got SO livened up! DJ Jess started us off with Dance Parties in the aisle, then the warm-up and the executioner got a dance competition going on the stage with 4 random audience members where a woman from Norway did the splits and a guy from Japan was a surprise pop-n-locker!

Warm Up at the Apollo with the Executioner

The Warm-Up Dance Competition. So much fun!

And then there were the kids! Kids under 15, “Stars of Tomorrow”… and we didn’t boo them! They were AMAZING.

Oh yeah… and then… speaking of the Jacksons… Tito and Marlon stopped by. Just walked onstage to say hi!

Jacksons at the Apollo!

Tito and Marlon!!

I (pardon my french) flipped my shit. It was crazy!

It was such an awesome night! So much crazy energy and some really diverse performers. And a really diverse crowd!! There were a ton of tourist (which shouldn’t have surprised me but it did) and we were really proud to say we lived right down the street.

Balcony at Amateur Night at the Apollo

The House was Packed!

In the end, a female Michael Jackson impersonator got first, a harmonica player got second, and this girl that could WAIL from Washington got 3rd (she was my favorite).

Michael Jackson Impersonator at Amateur Night at the apollo

It was an awesome night that I would DEFINITELY do again. Come visit on a Wednesday and we will go! For more great acts that have been at the Apollo, check this out.

And then I just walked home :)


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