4th of July Part 1: The Biggest Decision a New Yorker Can Make

4th of July was kind of a big deal in terms of New York milestones! So here is the first of three fun-filled 4th of July posts… Get Ready!!!

I’ve finally made up my mind in one of the biggest decisions a New Yorker can make.

I’ve decided if I’m a Mets fan or a Yankees fan. Now, I know this is a very controversial topic and one that many keep very close to their heart. But before I announce my decision, I want you to know that my reasoning is completely irrational. So just treat me like a crazy person and don’t take me seriously.

I was finally able to make my decision because on Tuesday night, (the weird “Friday-ish” night before July 4), I went to my first Mets game.

And I have to say… I choose the Mets.

While the Mets are much further away with Yankee Stadium being literally just a hop and skip away across from Harlem over the East River and the Mets take multiple train connections to get way out to Flushings, there were quite a few pluses that led me to chose the Mets over the Yankees.

#1 Citi Field

citi field

I definitely like Citi Field more than Yankee Stadium. We were pretty far up in the stadium and I felt like we still had great seats. Also, Yankee Stadium doesn’t have a huge apple in the middle of the stadium that is on hydraulics and raises up and glows when the Mets win or make home runs.

#2 The Atmosphere

vintage citi field

I felt like the Mets had a much more classic baseball feel than the Yankees. I mean, we did all the cheers! CHARGE! LET’S GO METS! Sllowwww clap slowwww clap. We did them all. AND Mr. Met the mascot was there! And that is a big deal.

#3 Citi Night

citi night at citi field

Every Tuesday at Citi Field is Citi Night and they hand out Cracker Jacks to everyone that walks in! And Citi Card members get free money for any of the vendors… prettttttty sweet.

#4 The Food!

food at citi fieldCheaper!! Much cheaper!! AND the best part of all— you put on your own toppings! So for sauerkraut crazies like myself, I could load up :) Disgusting? Yes. Delicious? Of course.

#5 The Players

Oh… um hi David Wright. You’re adorable. As are the rest of your teammates. Like Daniel Murphy. And Lucas Duda. CUTIES. A-Rod got nothing on you.

#5 Fireworks!

fireworks at citi field

They ended the night with a huge fireworks show! While this was just for this one game, it was still awesome and swayed my opinion!

#6 Metsmerized

You cannot beat this song.

So there it is folks… I’m a Mets fan. It was such a fun night!! GO METS!!

Stay tuned for more 4th adventures to come!!


4 thoughts on “4th of July Part 1: The Biggest Decision a New Yorker Can Make

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  3. Good choice – as a transplant I’m not sure you couldn’t have chosen Yankees anyway….it seems to be reserved for lifelong NY residents, ie multi-generation fans…..I have decided that native NYer’s are Yankees and Giants fans – and very territorial about it – and us transplants have to settle for the Mets and Jets….

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