July 4th Part 2: The Most Wonderous Awesomest Thing Ever

Here is part 2 to the 3 part 4th of July Spectacular! Check out part 1 here!

The random mid-week holiday finally arrived and since it was so random, I thought it would be a perfect day to escape our un-airconditioned apartment and adventure to one of New York’s mysterious “beaches.” I say mysterious because I’m used to Florida beach vacations and I couldn’t really imagine the concrete jungle with beaches. But we have beaches!!! And what is a better classic 4th of July holiday than hanging out at a beach??

We decided to head to Far Rockaway, since we could take the A train ALLL the way down with no transfers ( = AWESOME)

So we got up bright and early, packed our cooler (I have my own cooler now!), grabbed our beach towels and hit the subway!

We hung out on the subway for about an hour  during which I entertained myself by taking pictures:

Like Taylor’s awesome swim trunks,

4th of july pants

My firework themed nails, thanks Essie…

fourth of july nails.

My fanny pack, that I felt was very necessary to wear due to the pure American spirit of the fanny pack…

4th of july fanny pack

And then all of a sudden, the subway went above ground! And then, the subway was on the water!! We were extraordinarily giddy. Like, Christmas-morning-after-coffee giddy.

train to far rockaway beachIt was an amazingly easy ride. Like, I couldn’t get over it. It was so odd to me that these big monstrous transportation machines from the city transferred us out to this adorable little beach. It was awesome.

And then we arrived…

Far Rockaway Beach

It wasn’t always this empty, we were some of the first people on the beach at 10AM and it was great! We totally scoped out our perfect spot. The 116th Beach is the last stop,  and then we walked a little to 112.  Which was awesome cause later the beach turned into this…

far rockaway beach 4th of julyEven when it got crowded, our little area was perfect. Ideal really.

Hint of Lime chips…

tostitos on the beach

Good reads… (Or in Taylor’s case, weird comic books with scandalous ladies)

116th beach far rockawayWonderful beach babe friends… like Mim…

116th beach far rockawayAwesome beach boardwalk food from 97th Street!… SUCH a good burger!

burger from far rockaway

We were SO happy.  Hoorah for adventures out of that big concrete city! Hoorah for sunny beautiful beach days! Hoorah for lots more future days at the beach!  Hoorah for perfect 4th of July afternoon.

far rockaway beachStay tuned for the 3rd and final installment of the 4th of July awesomeness!! Can you believe there is even more awesomeness on the way!?


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