July 4th Part 3: The Grand Finale! Fireworks!

Prepare yourself for the 3rd and final installment of the 4th of July Spectacular!! Finally wrapping up the mid-week weekend! (See part 1 and part 2 here!)

So after what was a completely full and exhausting day at the beach, we could have called it a day but we live in New York, home to the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular- so we HAD to go! It would be un-American if we didn’t. AND it was an event that actually takes place on the West Side of town so it was relatively convenient for us for once!
So the big fireworks spectacular (you know, the one that airs on NBC every 4th) was being shot off between 14th and 44th St on the Hudson River on big barges. I’d heard to get in those blocks would be absolutely jam packed and since we got home late from the beach, that was not something we wanted to deal with. So we just took the our simple express train down to 72nd and parked it on some rocks that we quickly realized were NOT comfy. But oh well… we had a great view.

And we spent the 2 hours waiting playing Family Feud (yes there is an app for that), watching the sunset, and practicing our model poses.

sunset on the hudson river

Daniel’s model face

my model face

And then it was time for the fireworks!! And they were beautiful!! (Apologies for the POOR photography skills)

The fireworks were gorgeous!! And of course, in true New York form, they couldn’t be just normal fireworks, they were better than any fireworks I’ve ever seen. They actually SPARKLED. It looked like glitter in the sky. And there were all sorts of new types I hadn’t seen before either! They all looked expensive… (total New York).

I think this was the finale…


Best decision we made,  once we got to take our patient hats off and remove ourselves from the RIDICULOUS crowd, we high-tailed it to our favorite local bar for a few cheap drinks before heading home. No subway traffic for us! Perfection!

Phew. Happy Birthday America. What a crazy birthday you have.



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